One Stop Party Rental & Silk Floral Design, Inc.

One Stop Party Rental

I love weddings, invite me to yours, God

History of One Stop Party Rental

My name is Mary Muscarello and my mom, dad, husband, and children started One Stop Party  Rental in 1994 after doing a wedding for a church member who's father was ill.  Because of his condition, he did not have the finances to give his daughter the beautiful wedding he always desired for her.  My family said we would do it at no charge.  My mom made the bride's dress and bridesmaids dresses, I made the cake and flowers, and we both made the food.  After looking for decorations locally, we saw a need for wedding supplies, props, food service items, etc. and decided to start a business.  We named our business "One Stop Party Rental" because we were going to do everything, thus, "One Stop".  After the first wedding we learned that doing so many things was impossible, we needed to focus on just one thing, DECORATIONS.

After being in the business since 1994, we have been so blessed.  We have had the honor of decorating over 3,000 weddings and have built lasting relationships with most of our customers.  Eighty percent of our business comes from brides telling other brides about us.  What a blessing it is to be able to do what I love, and touch so many lives.  My Mom and Dad are now retired and I have the love and support of my husband, Mark, my children, and my very talented workers to help me run this business.  Without the, this would not be possible.